Living in Unconditional Love (151)

Jan 28, 2024

 Living in Unconditional Love (151)


“Love flows from God to humans without effort:

As a bird glides through the air without moving its wings-

Thus, they go wherever they wish united in body and soul,

Yet separate in form.”

–Mechtild of Magdeburg


My wife Eileen died from esophageal cancer in February 2020 one year after being diagnosed, 60 years after we met on Long Island. Then my brother Tom became ill (not COVID), and I spent a total of six weeks being with him in Ohio, but he died in October 2020. My sister-in-law Sue Mahoney died from Covid-19 in January 2021. On top of it all stood the pandemic, locking everyone down almost two years. Covid has proved to be a persistent problem, and many of the long-term effects are quite serious, and it has proven much more serious than flu.

01/28/2024                    Dan and family left early this morning (Saturday) for Orlando, where Dan will attend a space conference along with Drew. The girls will swim and enjoy themselves as only they can. The visit here was fun, noisy, and mostly joyful. They got to play in the snow, slide down our big hill on the toboggan, build a couple of snow people, throw snowballs, and just enjoy themselves. All had a good time. Maria was very sad to leave this morning, wanting to stay with grandpa. She was in tears as we have a wonderful bond between us in the person of Eileen, as Maria was born the day before Eileen died, and her bond with Eileen is wonderful to see and it transfers to me as well. It truly brings tears to watch her as she is always asking for me.

I will go to Peru to see them starting February 14 for a month. They have Maria’s birthday party on the 17th as that was when a space was open for the party (her birthday is February 21, the same day as my parents wedding anniversary in 1928), and they will be baptized on March 2. Barbara and a friend (they are the godparents) will join, and I believe Janet will come also (but I am not sure of that).

Drew was not able to come with his little ones, so they have not yet met. We will try the next time Dan and family come here. Drew attended Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday party last July at their home in Virginia and they are looking forward to seeing him again.

I have restored some of the home back to “normal”, but there is no hurry. The flight was out of Syracuse at 7 am, which meant we had to leave here by 5 to be sure they had time to check their vast amount of luggage. We arrived just after 6, but of course I had to rise at 4, so I am a little tired this evening even with a couple of naps. Then sheets are washed, and I will make the bed tomorrow. Dan and Alesandra did a wonderful job cleaning things as best they could before we left for the airport. There was a problem with the original flight plan, as the 6am flight from Binghamton airport was cancelled due to weather Friday night, but a mad scramble found a good flight with only one layover from Syracuse. We left (Tim drove his car with the luggage) at the same time as we would have for the Binghamton flight, and a layover is shorter so they will arrive close to the same time as before in Orlando. I have heard nothing, so I am assuming all is good.

It is always a challenge traveling with three little ones. They are usually very good on flights, but still…..

Having the opportunity to enjoy the little ones is something I did not expect growing up as I never had that opportunity with my grandparents as they had all passed before I was born, and it is a joy I wish I could have had. I miss sharing the laughter and screams of mostly joy with Eileen, but I am sure she is watching closely. I certainly had no idea how life would turn out as it did when I discovered the beautiful Irish girl over 60 years ago, and I could not be happier despite the pain of losing Eileen.


Gentle One, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the love and joy of the little ones. Having the baby sitting on my lap or in my arms and having her twist around or pull her head back to the point where she could watch me, never crying, just watching, was breathtaking. Having the older ones run up and just be there is a joy of wonderful strength, as they would often be sure I was present in their exploits.

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