My Core Beleifs

When we believe that there is an insufficiency, and that we all separate from one another and separate from all creation, we create the feeling of loneliness, that is, I am me and not you, and not that, and not anything else but me. This produces feeling of total separateness, a frightening feeling that there is only me, that you are over there and not here, never here. The best we can achieve is a momentary joining in some feeling, perhaps sex as the ultimate joining in the potential creation of a new life, but never a feeling of what we truly want, a unity, a knowledge that there is someone else who I can truly join with when feeling weak, or afraid, that I can turn to and know that I am accepted as Who I Am, as I am, not just as That Over There.

This feeling of insufficiency fills everything. There is never enough, there must be more. Ask Donald Trump if he has enough. He will say no, as he has when asked. Never enough. Not enough money, not enough power, not enough adoration by the crowds, just not enough. This feeling of insufficiency eats at a person, robs them of joy when they get more, causes more and more dissatisfaction. Is there any reason to wonder why the highest rate of suicide in economic classes is the wealthy class? They never have enough, they recognize that they will never have enough, and they can not stand that thought.

If we truly understood that this feeling of separation is an illusion, that we really have enough of everything, then we would understand that God truly has gifted us with more than enough for all. That does not mean that we can walk away from the world’s hungry, or the world’s refugees, the homeless etc., and let God do it all, but God gave us, the world, a sufficient supply of everything. We have been left with the challenge, the work, the task, to feed the hungry, bring shelter to the homeless etc. We DO have enough, but it has to be spread around. That is our task, our role in this world where the illusion of not enough is only an illusion.

I too thought of myself as separate from all else when I was much younger. (Ok, ok, my much younger is colored by my age, so let us say until I was about 40.) An area of fascination to me has always been the inner workings of the universe, the Big Bang theory, Quantum theory, and what makes up the all in all. I realized that this was treading on the domain of God, that understanding the makeup of the universe would give me some insight on the makeup of God. After all, God gave us the tools to study this phenomena, so we must need this knowledge to understand not only the universe, but to understand God in a more complete fashion. As I studied the workings of all this, I began to realize that the universe is not made up of separate objects: a star here, a galaxy there, but there was an interconnection of forces that can not be denied.

We now understand that the universe has many strange components. First of all, it is made up of the gravitational force of the dark energy, which is 70% of the universe. The Dark Energy is that force that creates the expansion of the universe, that is, the Dark Energy is a negative Energy, perhaps anti-energy, repelling everything with a power that makes all expand, such that every point in space could be considered the center of the universe, with the universe expanding in all directions, uniformly, from that point, any point, at an incredible rate, much like the surface of a balloon expands uniformly around every point on the surface as gas is pumped into the balloons. Nothing interacts with Dark Energy, all light of all spectra pass through without any interaction. All we see is the result: all Is expanding, at a ever increasing rate, much to everyone’s shock. Everything is growing more distant from everything else. The distance between galaxies is growing, growing at an ever increasing rate, or accelerating. Now we have no worry, for it will be several billion years before any change would be seen on earth.

Then we have Dark Matter, the unseen mass that makes up 26% of the universe; that is, light and atoms do not interact with Dark Matter, but the mass of the Dark Matter does cause curvature of light from distant stars, so that we can measure the mass of Dark Matter by measuring the curvature of light, and we know that this Dark Matter in the universe acts as a gravitational force that pulls things together, countering the Dark Energy to keep things reasonably close so that we don’t fly apart and all be annihilated. That is, we would have lost all other galaxies, if only the Dark Energy were all that is. If only the Dark Matter were in existence, we would be crushed into countless black holes. The two mysterious forces of Dark Energy and Dark Matter create the balance we know as our universe. And yes, we can measure the extent of Dark Energy by measuring the rate of expansion of the universe minus the known attraction for compression caused by Dark Matter, which does interact with light according to Einstein’s equations of relativity.

This leaves only 4% of the forces in the universe for all that we see. Further study of the nature of atoms and electrons, reveals that WAY over 99% of this is just empty space controlled by energy bands that keep all nicely interacting. Thus we have found that all that we see, the massive galaxies, stars, black holes, our own solar system, and our earth, make up the grand total of less than 0.01% of the known forces in our universe!

If that is not scary enough, further study shows that the makeup of that small percentage, the building blocks of atoms; electrons, gluons, protons, etc., are not really matter or objects in themselves, but are themselves made up of energy quanta, energies that exist in relation to each other only, not as objects, but only as relationships.

That is, nothing exists except energy bonds, forces of incredible density and power that are the known universe. Everything is bound together, such if seen from that vantage point, (can we say from the vantage point of God), everything is one.

Thus I gave you a graduate level course in quantum mechanics in a few hundred words.

But what this really means, is that nothing solid exists in the universe. There are not billions of galaxies, each with billions or hundreds of billions of stars, there are not separate rocks, trees, or anything.

There is only energy. I will repeat that: there is only Energy. We, all humans, all beings, all rocks, all stars, all galaxies, are only Energy, a relationship of forces of both attraction and repelling, keeping this holy relationship we see as our physical universe in a reasonably stable condition.

And further study suggests, in the end, there is only one energy, perhaps something like very small ‘strings’, vibrating at different frequencies that we may call wavelengths.

There is only energy. We may have different names for the forces of energies, such as you and me, but there is only energy. One energy, one set of forces that are the all in all.

We are not separate beings.

There is only one being, called energy. Forms of energy I will not take the time to talk about, but all of it is only energy, with bonds that forge across the universe to create all that is.

Including you and me.

We are not separate!

When I realized this, I realized that I was one with the universe, one with the galaxy, one with the solar system, one with the planet earth.

And one with you!

We are not alone, an isolated lump separate from anything. I am one with all that is, all that we see, all that exists in the universe. I am not alone!

What a marvelous discovery! You and I are one creation, one being.

Then I realized the greatest discovery of all. If I am one with everything, and I mean Everything, then I truly am a part of the All. I opened up to the greatest discovery of all.

I am part of God, the All In All.

That is the meaning of those mysterious words of Jesus, ‘that the Kingdom of God lies within’ (Luke 17:21). My very being is part of the infinite being of God, so that the energy fields of God course through my very being, my core part. The kingdom of heaven, God Itself, lies in my very being, my very self, infuses my essence, my body, mind and soul.

And if God and I are one, this brings on infinite possibilities. What an exciting field to explore.

Where this will take us, only time will tell.

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  1. Yes, Working is Yes, Working is very important and the best work you can do is to impvore your mindset. I’m not hear to defend the Law of Attraction. I just want to provide a way for people to impvore their focus, concentration and imagination and channel that energy towards what they desire in life. The Master Key System has exercise that might be viewed as stupid but many people have experienced great things through this work.

  2. Very novel expressions of existence.. similar talk track of Neale Donald Walsch. Interesting and dynamic development of being ONE!!! Thank you.

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