Purpose of Blog

Why am I writing these thoughts.

The purpose of these writings is not to try to convert anyone’s thinking to align with mine, but to give any and all that read this perhaps some new way of looking at the world, the universe, and God. I have spent 80 years attempting to understand why I am here, who I really am, and is there anything I am called to do while here in this life. This burning quest reached a certain peak that catapulted me forward, when in late 1967, God caught me up into the Love of God, told me that I would be guided for the rest of my life, and that, if I so choose, help some people to find a purpose in life and to reach and touch the beauty, wonder, and bliss of what we call God.

And so it has been.

My purpose is to get you to think. Most of us go through life like on a roller coaster, hopefully having more highs and lows, but seldom stopping and thinking about the Big Things of life: Who? Why, What For?

I do not expect anyone to totally agree with me. Even 20 years ago I would have argued against some of the things that I now understand. But until I read and studied some of these things, first disagreeing but after pondering, often for years, as God is nothing but persistent, I began to see differently, I now understand how my Eternal Wisdom has lead me to look at the Wisdom of the universe and the Wisdom of the Truths that sit before us.

So I hope you look and take in these thoughts as suggestions for you to ponder. No two individuals understand the relationship of the Mundane and the Eternal the same way, for each us has been given a unique way of living Life. And this is how it should be. We are not robots, made to think the same. No, we are individuals, all seven billion of us, made to see Life and God differently, just as no two snowflakes are the same, despite the trillions that have fallen.

My hope for any that read this is that you absorb where it seems right, and ignore where it does not, but that you create your own vision and understanding as life goes on. For if your vision seems right for you, then It is right for you, but always, always, leave room for growth, for when we stop learning we are, for all intents and purposes, dead. Being willing to learn, to grow, yes being willing to learn and grow in knowledge of Life and God, is what makes us Human, and when we lock ourselves closed, unwilling to learn in any area of Life, we cease to be truly Human.

8 thoughts on “Purpose of Blog”

  1. without that master wohitut that master key, and only through work, i can feel succesful, i’m not expecting the universe to give me something just because i want ityou might think that work is part of the key, but in fact is the whole key, disguised behind a fake idea that the universe is giving a crap about meeven if you change the word universe to god, god would still want us to work for our succes, or else it would just be like raising bad a child

  2. I am so glad you mentioned your blog to me. I have read a few articles already and they have caused me to ponder…thanks so much. I look forward to following your writings.

    1. Thank you very much. one of the joys of a long life is the opportunity to ponder lots of interesting subjects.

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