Follower of Jesus (47)

Feb 11, 2018


Follower of Jesus (47)

Blessed are the pure in heart

For they shall see God (8)

Matthew 5:8

I will do a summary of this wonderful beatitude of Jesus, the pure in heart shall see God, by having a short statement of the seven thoughts previously presented.

1. The Pure in Heart see everything from the viewpoint of God: viewing from the non-dual vantage point we see that everything shines with the beauty and wonders of God. Nothing is without God, for God, in the form of the Christ, is the constant Creator/Creation of the universe and beyond, from the big bang onward.

2. The pure in heart are in a different mind-set from most of humanity. Jesus was clear in his statement that the kingdom of God is here and now. We have a really difficult time imagining that to be true, but Jesus was adamant in his declaration that God is here and now. This beatitude emphasizes that viewpoint, stating that the pure in heart shall see God. I believe that this means see God right now, right here.

3. The prologue of the Gospel of John states that everything that has been created has been created through the Word. Everything that has been created contains as the very root of creation the Kingdom of Heaven, just as Jesus said. The pure in heart can see that glorious and singing Kingdom of God in all of creation.

4. If the Kingdom of God, or Heaven exists here in all we see, it is a personal experience of the Face of God in all of creation that we are meant to see, or as the beatitude states, we, you and I, shall see God. Most of our churches have tried mightily to stop us from having personal experiences of God, reminding us repeatedly that the only thing that counts is what they tell us to think. Jesus, on the other hand, said that only by personal experience can we see God in our life.

5. As Jesus said God is in our midst, within all of creation. Right now, in our very substance that we call reality, the core of everything is that force we have named God. Those who are pure in heart see reality with the blinders of their ego removed, and the wonders of God shines through everything. Jesus found that it shone most brightly in those that society called sinners, for those at the bottom of society knew well their mistakes, and welcomed the opportunity to move beyond the mistakes. For the others, Jesus put it clearly while dying on the cross: Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

6. Heaven and hell exist within us at all times. When we choose to treat others with kindness, forgiveness, and centering on love, we find the joy of heaven welling up within and in truth, heaven is in our midst. When we treat others, with contempt, anger, and fear, we find ourselves dwelling in hell, right now, in the moment. For indeed, what we give to others we receive back, ten-fold and more in the joy and happiness of life, or in the personal hell that we create.

7. Most of us cannot find the level of being Pure in Heart without reaching the bottom of our life-barrel. It is only when we are in deep pain can we cast off our ego, and reach out to that power that lies deep in our souls that is that realm of heaven that is always there. The pain of life is part of heaven, for it is in the pain of creation that God is most visible in love. God is Love, and only when we act out of spontaneous love do we live in the heaven that is the truth of our very core being that we call our soul.


Oh my Soul, in You lies the bliss of God, the living power of the Word as promised by Jesus. You have promised that all existence is but a breath of Your Being, and the life You have breathed into me is one with You. Help me to remove the blinders of my ego so that I can marvel at the beauty of life in our universe, both the visible life and the invisible life that holds everything that exists, for nothing that exists is present but through You, the Word that is life-giving creation. I am grateful for the chance to see the truth of creation in life, life eternal, made visible if I but open my inner eyes to all of creation.

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