Five Fallacies About God (8)

Oct 02, 2016


Five Fallacies About God (8)

3.God has separated you from God because

You have not given God what God needs. (3)

I wrote in the last post that the feeling of loneliness is the product of our isolation of being in our own head or mind, and not being aware of the kinship that is ours from creation. This feeling of isolation that drives us to attempt to join with others by any means possible evokes the myth that God threw us out of paradise into this isolated world that we suffer in for so many years.


But God has not thrown us out into the wilds so to speak, but has caused us to forget our roots, or being made in the very image of God. Our true task is for us to remember these roots, to see past the five senses into our sixth sense that is linked to the eternal Creator. Jesus put it in another way that I have quoted often: “The Kingdom of heaven (God) lies within” as other translations puts it: “The Kingdom of Heaven (God) lies in your midst.” (Luke 17). The kingdom of God is in our midst: in our world, in our universe, within and without us. The kingdom of God, that is, the very presence of that Force or Being that we have termed God or the center of all, is always present, right here, right now. Just because we do not see ‘the kingdom’, does not mean that the kingdom of God, paradise, or whatever term you want to express it as, is not here.


What do you expect to see when we (and Jesus) say that kingdom of God is here, within us and in our midst? Paul put it well, “For now we see through a glass dimly, but then face to face. Presently I know in part; but then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12) This powerful statement states our problem bluntly. We see paradise as through blurry dark glasses, and those are fuzzy at best. Only by changing our perspective to more fully align with that of Jesus or our spirit (our soul) can we begin to even glimpse the power that fills all we are and can be. We contain the full Image of God, that is, we are the Face of God as revealed to our universe, each and every one of us. The perspective that reveals that reality is ours to grasp if we wish, but so often the physical world and all its’ illusions override the reality of paradise that is ours. Our feelings of loneliness are so overwhelming most of the time that we use every trick possible to hide from those feelings that threaten all that we have, especially our sanity. We use the cover of the physical illusions to hide from the reality that is truth: like Thomas Merton, once we recognize our oneness with all that is, including God and all of humanity, and if we add our oneness with the universe, then our sense of the overwhelming Love that is ours simply because we are. For no other reason: we exist.


What more do we want from life?


For the Lord is good

And God’s Love endures forever;

God’s faithfulness continues

Through all generations.

Psalm 100: 5 (NIV)



My Eternal wisdom, I bow before You in gratefulness for not leaving me alone, but flooding my soul with Your Presence. I find joy and happiness at all times, as Your beauty floods all that I perceive. Your presence is in all things, even those things that are repugnant to my human thinking. I understand that all will work out to perfection, and I offer my thinking and presence so that we may be a salve to our physical world. Much pain appears to be present, and only when I place myself in your Being can I offer Your Love to this world, as your Face alive right now. I offer myself each day to be able to be Your fountain of Love each and every moment, and am grateful beyond measure that my service is at Your service.



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These five themes are taken from Conversation with God series of books, but the process discussed is a compilation of many sources and my processing of those sources.




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