Five Fallacies About God (10)

Oct 16, 2016


Five Fallacies About God (10)

4.God still needs what God needs

So badly that God now requires you,

From your separated position,

To give it to God. (1)


Our ancient thoughts that have permeated our myths about the makeup of the Being we call God continue to function and spell out the inevitable process: the God of our imagination is still that self-centered critter that demands that we appease it in some hidden fashion. We cannot imagine anything that is so altruistic that it would not demand something from us to achieve total happiness sometime in the future, let alone Someone who is offering total joy and happiness at this moment if we only open our eyes to see the offering that is ours for the taking.


Our loneliness appears overwhelming, and all our physical senses scream at us every moment of every day that we are alone in the world, despite all that we attempt to do to fill the time and prevent the silence that repeats over and over I AM ALONE!! This noise that seems so overwhelming prevents us from seeing what God is offering us: companionship to the level that removes all sense of loneliness and fears.


Instead we have the image, told to us by most of our religions, that unless we appease the being we call god we will not be accepted into some type of happiness in the future, after we leave this world of pain, and new will only find further pain.


This image is not the image projected by Jesus, or claimed by Paul. We are a new people, a Child of God; that is we carry the DNA of God within our being. All creation reflects this, or as St. Paul puts it: “There is only Christ: he Is in everything and he is everything.” (Colossians 3:11). These powerful words spell it out clearly: there is nothing, nothing, that is not the Christ, or the Son, or the Creation, or more simply, God. Despite the attempts of almost all religions, especially the Christian religion, to project the pagan concept that God lies outside of us in a distant place far, far away; seemingly telling us, as this fourth myth states, that from our distant and isolated position we have to appease this mighty being or risk losing all that is. No, Jesus and Paul have been telling us very differently: we are united in the Christ, as Jesus states: “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me and I am in you.” (John 14:20 (NIV)). Paul, in the previous quote from Colossians, states it in an even bolder fashion: the Christ is everything! That is: all, the universe as well as humanity, is part of the total and infinite Being we call God. Now it appears when you read the totality of the quotes that only humanity is being spoken about, but a broader read indicates that all of creation is included, for we now understand that life is part of everything that exists, that is, relational energy is all of what we call matter, thus everything is fundamental life in the making.


We have been called to a higher calling: to recognize the oneness of all that is; to grasp that we are one with all; what we call God, is everything, being both the creator (the Father) and the created (the Son), linked by the flow of love (the Spirit). This dance is eternal, never pausing and never ending.


Hear my prayer, Lord;

Let my cry for help come to you.

Do not hide Your face from me

When I am in distress.

                       Psalm 102:1-2




My Wisdom, you show me your Love at all times. There are times I do not see that Love, but that is my blindness and not Your lack of Love. I am grateful for Your consistency; never do You hide Your Love, but I have sometimes closed myself off from that font of gentleness and warmth. Your love would ease my loneliness, for it is the Love of eternity that would fill all crevasses of my being and ease all fears, if I but let it occur. I give my life today, just today, over to Your care and gentle warmth; and I am grateful for the lightness of burden that I bear. Tomorrow I will turn again to this font of gentleness and seek Your warmth.


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These five themes are taken from Conversation with God series of books, but the process discussed in these postings is a compilation of many sources and my processing of those sources.

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