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Apr 26, 2015



Abundance: that magical name that seems to promise untoward wealth, beautiful or handsome spouse, great home, and all going well with no problems anywhere. And, as so many tell us, all we have to do is concentrate and remain focused on these physical dreams and they will be ours just by wishing it so.

Not quite! All of those things are only niceties, for, by themselves, even if we have them all, will eventually prove empty boxes and sounding gongs, with no real meaning in the depth of our heart.


True abundance follows the words of Jesus: “Seek first the Kingdom of God”, – and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matt. 6:33). True abundance, as I have indicated many times in the preceding writings, is a heart matter, for true Abundance renders us Peace, Joy, and Happiness. When that happens we will have sufficient internal presence that we will understand that indeed, “All these things were added to us.” Indeed, true Abundance leaves a bubbling in the mind, a sense of Joy that just around the corner, for no reason other than just around the corner, is our God, playfully hidden amongst the clatter and chiasm of Life, the Essence of God if we but have eyes to see.


A Life of Abundance is ours for the gathering. What we are doing in our Quiet Time is placing ourselves in a space where we can begin the process of coming face to face with our God in Life, for that is where God is present. Did not Jesus say: “Being asked by the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God will come, he answered them and said, ‘The kingdom of God comes not by observation. Neither shall they say ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is’, for you see, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21). We see that the problem is simple: if the Kingdom of God lies within each of us, the key to unlocking all that Jesus said (“Greater things than this shall you do,” “Say to this mountain to hurl itself into the sea, and it shall be done”) lies in the ability to reach that “Kingdom of God that lies within.


But there is a second part to the issue, and it is spelled out in Matt. 21:21: “If you have faith and do not doubt, you — can say to the mountain ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea’, and it will happen.


Ahh! The rub! Do Not Doubt!! We all were suspicious there was a catch, and there it is: “Do not doubt.” How can we not doubt? Our five senses are bombarded day and night with “reality”, and “reality” states that there is NO way for that mountain to be hurled into the sea!


Now we begin to see the necessity to withdraw from the bombardment of the five senses, and to begin to cultivate that sixth sense, the sense that is open to the infinite variety of the world beyond the extremely limited world of the five senses. Yes, that illusive sixth sense. I spoke of the sixth sense before, and will many times again. We rely on our five senses for almost everything. Even those who should know better do the same: physicists, who rely on machines to measure admitted tiny percentage of the energy levels of the universe, claim that unless they can see and touch that creative power we call God, they will not believe. Seems a bit of being two-faced in my opinion, since they rely on machines and formulas to claim all they know, but refuse to use their own internal sixth sense to claim what is present in Giant Form for all to behold.


Perhaps it is a case of the “Not invented here” syndrome, where many companies refuse to acknowledge anything outside their own thought process can be true, even if it causes them grief to not acknowledge what is evident to all. Those so refusing to expand their internal capabilities beyond their five senses to include their sixth sense are, at the same time more than willing to fill their mind with words and wisdom of those who, like themselves, see only with the five senses. Perhaps the greatest giant of them all, Albert Einstein, understood this only too well, stated: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Einstein understood the two sides of the controversy, and would be appalled to see the two sides, science and religion, at such a war that is so obvious today, either side claiming the other side is wrong, wrong, wrong.


Thus we have the concept of Quiet Time, the time when we tune ourselves to that infinite world beyond the pale of the world of the five senses, and train ourselves to reach into the “Kingdom of God that lies within.” Like any sense, the sixth sense must be exercised and used, and as the exercising continues, this sense will be sharpened to allow us to see things that have been always there, but just not seen. Just as a paleontologist and spot rocks in the field that are bones of long dead creatures, while to the rest of us all we see is rock and more rock.


The Kingdom of God that lies within


This puzzling statement by Jesus has been modified by various translators, ignored by most (especially when combined by that power of the words of Jesus that spoke of the strength of what lies within), and downplayed as another example of exaggeration by Jesus and not to be taken literally. After all, did not Jesus himself go under torture and death? So how could the Kingdom of God lie within??


But perhaps, just perhaps, Jesus meant what he said. After all, it is spoken of in several contexts, and is pointed at by Jesus many times, in more than one Gospel.


Let us look at that unusual statement, that the ‘Kingdom of God lies within’. What could Jesus have been talking about when making that reply to the Pharisees?


Knowing what we know now, Jesus was apparently talking about the soul, that branch of God that lies at our heart of Being, which never dies, and is the basis of Who We Are in truth. Our soul certainly fits the criteria that Jesus spoke of in his statement: it lies in our heart of hearts, it has the potential of the Kingdom of God since it is made in the ‘Image of God’, (Genesis), and having been made in the image of the Creator of the Universe, certainly would have the ability to transcend the physical laws of the Universe itself to obey the greater command, the command of the Creator, or even the command of the Image of that Creator.


“Let us make humanity in Our Image, according to Our Likeness, – – So God Created humanity in His own Image, in God’s own Image God created them, male and female God created them”. (Genesis 1:27}


It is claimed that this is the most quote phrase in the bible, and if so, I believe it is the most misunderstood and misbelieved phrase in the bible.


Even among those who seem to have a wide range of belief and understanding, express total misbelief in this quote, saying in many different ways: “Certainly not me! Look at me – do I look like God?” But God has told me that yes, when The Almighty Wisdom does look at you, and the All Seeing Power sees the reflection of the All in All there, front and center, and is amazed the you do not see that glorious picture, blazing with the knowledge and wisdom of God that shines forth.


The reason we do not see the Glory of God when we look into a mirror? We see only the infinitely small spectrum of the Universe, that portion used by the five senses to guide us in the world of physicality that we call home.


God sees, in each one of us, the “the Kingdom of God that lies within“, that Kingdom which is totally dazzling if we but have eyes to see.


That is the purpose of the Quiet Time, where the sixth sense reigns supreme, if we learn to but to let ourselves use this sense as much as our other five senses.


The Kingdom of God that lies within is what the sixth sense is tuned to behold where the infinite power of the universe resides, where we can, if we so wish, “Hurl that mountain into the sea” if that is our desire.


And, in Truth, that sixth sense see infinitely more than the other five senses combined, which see only a fraction of the vibrational frequencies that are available to each and all of us. As I had mentioned, the tiny spectrum our five senses use allow us to function well in our physical world, but the five senses portray such a small portion of the information that surrounds us, and our minds, which operate only from a point the emanates from our past experiences, receive what information is past unto us by our five senses, and modifies and decodes the incoming information in ways that support our internal beliefs of the world we live in.


This world we think we live in is the world presented to us by our ego. It is the ego that has us perceive all kinds of false things about our world, (including the false notion that the world we perceive is the only true world), and attempts to drown any possibility that “Greater things than this” are possible within our physical world. The ego constantly says that ‘what I perceive is all that is’, and ‘what I perceive is the Truth’, despite the fact that another person, having all the same data input with their five senses, but having a different background of experiences, perceives a totally different chain of events, and also believes that their perception of the event is the ‘truth’.


And the Truth is, the ‘Truth’ of the world is not the same that either person perceives, and exists on so many different levels of Truth that no one person but a Master (such as Jesus or the Buddha) could perceive the Truth of a given event.


Thus the true purpose of Quiet Time: to allow us to move into the world beyond the that shown us by the five senses and the ego, and to arrive at the threshold of the infinite, where ‘Greater things than this’ are possible, where we can state, without a doubt, to that mountain: “Hurl yourself into the sea, and it will be done.”




Eternal Wisdom, we bow in gratitude for opening up the possibilities of shifting our perception of the world to include the wider perception of infinity that exist in our universe and beyond. That infinite power and possibilities that are ours for the asking, if only we ask. I quiet my mind of the external five senses that I have used from childhood, and I dare to begin the process of strengthening my sixth sense that is so much vaster than what the other five senses can perceive. I commit to training this sixth sense to perceive the world of infinity, where I can begin to perceive Your presence and to gain that sense of wonder that is the core of my sixth sense. I understand this process, just as any process where I am trying to learn a new subject in life, takes time and effort, and I commit myself a daily time spent learning and deepening my sense of Oneness with You. I will follow where You lead me, knowing that I will become sensitive to your Word to me in life if I but let go of my fears.


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