12 Steps of Joy (19)

Aug 26, 2018

12 Steps to Joy (19)

The Light (2)

In the beginning the Word already existed.

The Word was with God,

And the Word was God.

The Word existed in the beginning with God.

God created everything through the Word,

And nothing was created except through the Word.

The Word gave life to everything that was created,

And the life of the Word brought light to everyone.

The light shines in the darkness,

And the darkness can never extinguish it.”

John 1:1-5.

The light shines in the darkness,

And the darkness can never extinguish it.”

As strange and scary as it seems, it is through the journey into the darkness that we usually find the Light that shines in the darkness. For most of us, only when things seem the darkest that we can let go of our ego and turn to the Source of all – and find, much to our amazement, a fountain of joy and love that is awaiting us. At first the pain that brought us to that moment is still overwhelming, but as time goes on, and if we don’t give up, the Joy of God grows brighter and brighter, and we see that indeed, “The darkness can never extinguish it.”

Yes, it does take time, and too many get lost in the pain and the moment to moment struggle that life hands us. But if we continue to surrender to that Source that continues to hold us, we see the light clearer and brighter.

Helen Keller said it so powerfully: “Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” Here is this person, buried, so we think, in a dark and silent world, (Helen Keller was both blind and deaf) wondering how she could appear so bright and cheerful. It is clear that she had moved far beyond the demands of the ego, for the ego is never content to sit still, but always and ever demands more for itself. To be content: that is Joy in action, for only by living in Joy can one be content no matter what state they are.

To be content with whatever state you may be in is the definition of joy and happiness. Life is good, even the last moment of life. When God finished the creation story (as we have seen in truth, creation is never ended) it is said that God saw that “it is all Good”. But life itself goes on, creation goes on each moment, and we are part of the cycle of life: creation, birth, aging, death. Each state we have to learn to be content with, as each state of life calls for a new approach, a new understanding, a new thought: but in each state we can learn to be content, seeing the joy of God in every way. Life is meant to be lived: we are handed a specific platter of life, certain pluses and minuses, and that is where we start. But life evolves, as does the universe. Stars are born, live shining bright, then die. And each of us, follow that same path: we are born, live a life, either short or long (but speaking from a life of 84 years, it always seems short); and then we pass on out of this way of existence. But stars appear to be content with their life: billions of years, but still short in the grand scheme of things. So it is with us: a few short decades, eight in my case so far, but having passed oh-so-quickly. But God has filled my days with joy, even when depression seemingly overwhelmed me.

Now that sounds insane: deep depression but filled with joy. And yes, at the time it confounded me as well. The pain of depression could fill my days and nights, preventing me from good sleep and often wrenching days. But at the same time I was aware of God’s Loving presence, no matter what I did during depression; God was still patently holding me and gently calming me. I held this contradictory pattern for most of my adult life, beginning in my teens. when things would be overwhelming, I knew I could just turn to my God and find at least some release that would encourage me to continue. This feeling of loneliness and emptiness was able to be released at least for a while, each day, every time I found the time to sit and join my God for a period, usually 30 minutes or longer. I had no choice, and it permitted me to smile and greet the world of joy each day.

Now, I was fortunate. I had the love of my wife and children, so there was always an outward expression of the love of God to see and taste. There love was a constant, and it still provides a powerful expression of care that I feel blessed at all times, surrounded by Light.


My love, my life. Your Love flowed outward and inward to fill my days and bless me at all times. You graced me with Love that was a constant expression and Light that brightens the darkest of days. The outward expression of Love and grace was breathtaking, and it is possible to be content with just love in all things. Grant me the continued blessings and the song of Love that is mine if I can only keep my eyes open. Your beauty flows through every element of life, every breath I take. I bow in gratitude just for life, and each moment is filled with beauty and still more love.



We are bound in the music of life where we dance and weave within that glorious melody, or what some call God. Now, God has said that we are the very image of God (Genesis 1:27), and as images of God, we have the inborn ability to have Joy and Happiness forever present in our life. The author, David L. Peters, is an octogenarian whose life has always been filled with joy, regardless of outward appearances. The wonders of the Kingdom of Heaven is everyone’s birthright, if you know how to let your Creator and the Universe enter your spirit. Jesus put it succinctly: “The Kingdom of God lies within” (Luke 17:21). The Kingdom of God, Paradise, Heaven: these lie within you, right now, waiting for you to only turn and see, and join in the dance. Paradise is right within us, but how do we unlock the door to this wonder of joy? This book lays a path open that the author has followed for almost 80 years, starting as a young boy in rural Ohio, and it operates as advertised. No matter how things look in life, how bad it seems, all one need do is look deeper within and find the joy that can fill life: life is good! The life of abundant joy and happiness is yours for the asking. Dip your toe in the living waters, and taste the Beauty of God that is awaiting. Click on the “Learn More” button for further information

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